Laura Snider is an emerging multidisciplinary performance, installation, and sculpture artist. She lives and works in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

Her work is inspired by everyday stories, researching, and creative expression.

My work uses installation, sculpture, video, photography, and multi-media to explore identity, memory, and space.  I am interested in creating visually and physically immersive environments that investigate themes relating to digitization, modern living, domesticity, and consumerism. I have a curiosity and interest in using obsolete technologies and found objects as I find that they create a certain amount of nostalgia, which allows the viewer entry into the work. Using primarily black and white, while introducing selective colour, allows the work to focus on key ideas, themes, and stereotypes.  By creating curated spaces, I persuade the viewer to begin to question their own movement and relationship to the world around them.