The Client

“DEFSYS is a 100% Australian owned Business Technology Company specialising in providing IT Support, Business Phone Systems, Data, Cloud Computing and Software Development Services and Solutions to a range of different businesses in a range of different industries across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.”

The Project

Defsys had promotional videos created for their Voice Over Internet Protocol Services (VOIP). The lack of storytelling and flow in the videos were unable to capture and engage audiences.


My role in collaberation with 8menCan ( included:

  • Lead artist director
  • Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer


Using the current videos Defsys was using for their VOIP product informed us of what the client did not wan. The promotional videos were over animates, poor quality sound effects, and were not descriptive of the product, the company, or how the product addressed the company needs.

From the client, Defsys, we obtained real user feedback. WeWe learned about customer acquisition, intended uses for the product compared to actual uses

Interview with CEO of Defsys to align the company branding and artistic direction with the proposed design and development of marketing direction.

Customer Profile

Defsys VOIP services are a business to business (B2B) software business solution product. Their clients are large companies from a variety of corporate.



In the workflow video, we created a graphic version of the apps system flow.


In this video we wanted to high light the advantages using Defsys over another company’s VOIP services.

Meet Guy

Meet Guy, he works for Acme. We created a persona for the average user of Defsys VOIP product. We wanted to focus on creating a traditional narrative to highlight how employees would benefit from these services.


This is an introductory video to VOIP services at a base level. An attention grabber for future clients.


With the video Here we wanted to focus on the main advantage of VOIP software, it’s mobility. We showcased how both customers, employees, and companies would benefit from the true mobility.

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