KODAK Eastman Group

Case Study: Data Analysis

The Challenge

This project focused on Kodak: Eastman Group. What is interesting about Kodak is that after they filed bankruptcy in 2012, they were forced to pivot. The company began to focus on a hybrid of Science, Art and Industry, bringing together print, film, science and innovation. Another key component of their continuing success is reinvigorating revolutionary popular past products such as Kodachrome Film and the Super 8 for today’s digital landscape.

Kodak was and still is a forerunner and industry standard for storytellers and visionaries.

“On film, there’s a special magic on a set when you say ‘action’ and to the point that the take runs until you say ‘cut,’ that’s a sacred time. I’ve always believed in the magic of movies and to me the magic is connected to film. When you’re filming something on film you aren’t recording movement, you’re taking a series of still pictures and when shown at 24 frames per second through a light bulb, THAT creates the illusion of movement. That illusion is connected to the magic of making”

Quentin Tarantino Writer, Director, Producer Multiple Academy Award® Winner


Data Sources

 Sample data was collected over a four-month period from Twitter and used to create sentiments and big data relationship. From research and data, personas, a Customer Journey Map and an infographic were created to capture the user experience with KODAK products and their online presence.


User research from Kodak’s website, user sentiment from Twitter, ad historical data, three definitive users were created.

Persona 1: Susan Golden

Persona 2: Heather Redman

Persona 3: Gary Eastman

User Journey

For the user journey, we focused on Persona 3: Gary Eastman. He represented the typical user for Kodak.

The Data

Using Microsoft Excel, a data set was created from Twitter and the Stock Exchange. With Twitter and the Stock Exchange, a dataset was created to be analyzed and used to create an infographic. By imputing numbers from date, the number of followers, likes, retweets, reply’s, images, if the post was a retweet and from which user, the hyperlink, notable insights (subjective), the stock market closing price for that day, stock up or down from previous days.


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