V-Orange App


V-Orange  (web-based app) is Viessmann Manufacturing (CA) curated portal for homeowners, installers/contractors, and administration to access important tools and information. It was created to replace the  VitoApp  (native app) used by contractors and installers to: 

  • Register product
  • Find and register for Academy classes
  • Access user manuals
  • Order marketing materials 
  • Find important forms 
  • Contact support 
  • Rewards program


To begin we used a variety of research methods to be able to assess current user engagement with the native Vito App. Our key findings came from 
– Using statistic from WordPress 
– User Surveys
– Ethnographic research

Vito App

VitoApp was built in WordPress by a third-party developer. While the app was useful for a lot of contractors there was many insights that were problematic that we aimed to fix by transitioning to a web based app.

  • administrative personnel processing warranty claims and product registration from their offices was cumbersome.
  • Contractors working in remote areas could not register product (lack of data/wi-fi)
  • Viessmann internal personal were reliant on third party developers to make changes
  • Many of the administrative and back end work flows were managed in archaic methods


By establishing a current system architecture of the VitoApp we were able  to begin to build key forms for the  web based app.

Key Performance Indicators 

  • Warranty Registration
  • Usage (Login)
  • Retention Rate
  • Lifetime Usage 
  • Google Analytics

To create a more user friendly work-flow the VitoApp was migrated from a Native app to a Web-Based app. By doing so this installer and contractors have more flexibility between mobile and desktop.

V-Orange was created with third-party developers to migrate existing native app, VitoApp, to a web-based app V-Orange. 

V-Orange is a  form builder created to implement and update digital workflows. By improving on existing workflows

By creating a web based app we were able to combine important tools such as the Academy Registration, Rewards Program, Manuals, Product registration, into a one stop shop tool box  for contractors, installers, and administration.

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